Friday, June 15, 2012


Well, maybe not really, but I finished my first year in Quilt Guild!! And finished these little mini's!!
And maybe TGIFF can mean Time to Get In Fun Friday???  But also check out everyone else over at the TGIFF party at Brasier House!

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I posted this yesterday...and so far have  lots of great guesses, but only 1 out 3 songs correctly identified. So I thought I would run it past you one more time!!  Check HERE for the guesses from yesterday!

UPDATE: WE HAVE A WINNER!!  Congratulations Annette !!   Good job!

Our local quilt guild had a very fun project to end off the year. We were asked to make a small wallhanging to  depict a common song! There were lots of great entries, and the night of the pot-luck supper they were all hanging on the wall, and we had to try and guess what song each was!  There were a couple that really stumped me, but they were all great and it was a lot of fun.

I got a bit carried away....I entered several !! Check here for one of mine, and one by my friend Monika from My Sweet Prairie!!

So now it is your turn....Name That Tune!!

And to make it more fun....the first person to guess all three correctly will win a fat quarter!!  (so be sure that your contact information is included)




So get your guesses in!! I will try to update frequently to let you know if they are correct or not. And feel free to keep trying!!  I have a fat quarter (and maybe a few other little goodies !!) looking for a new home!!


  1. I can't figure out number two but I wish it was this one as it is a favourite of mine. Hope you enjoy listening while you sort through the guesses.

    1. great song, thanks, but sorry that is not it !! keep guessing LOL

  2. Good morning Flo
    My guess is
    1 SunShine Lollipops and rainbow A fav when we were kids big sisters nicname was lollipop
    2 Black night
    3 Sorcerers Apprentice
    love the little quilts and what a good brain teaser first thing in the morning
    have a great day
    in stitches

  3. okay we'll try again
    1.Sunshine Lollipops
    2.It's a small world after all
    3.Black magic woman
    how did I do this time Flo?
    In stitches

    1. YIPPEE!! We have a winner!!
      Congratulations correctly guessed all the songs!! Send me your address and I will mail out your prize!

  4. ahw gee thanks... sorry that I guessed so soon I know this could have gone all day they are such nice little pieces of quilt/pop art.
    I sent you an e mail with the info Flo
    Have a great day
    In stitches

  5. congrats to Annette....I should have listened to hubby,

  6. Great idea for a quick and fun game! Congratulations to Annette! =D

  7. I joined the local quilt guild here last November. It's a new year now for the guild and I am actually on the board as the Historian.
    I've learned so much in the past few months and just love it!

  8. Fun! I got Sunshine and Lollipops, but couldn't figure out the other two until I read Annette's comment. Great minis, Flo!

  9. Such a cute project idea! I love your creativity and the way you depicted each song. I was stumped on them all! Thanks for linking up this week! :)

  10. cute idea. I couldn't get any of them and the only song I recognized was "It's a Small World."

  11. Head slap. I searched for songs with planet, earth, black but not world.
    Congratulations Annette. Well done!!

  12. Olá! Gostei muito de seus trabalhos. Um abraço.

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  14. Congrats on your first guild year! If I could quilt on a more regularly scheduled basis, I might consider joining next year.

    Saw your quilt at McNally - it's even lovelier in person. I delighted in thinking, "I read her blog, you know..." :)


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