Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Labels.....my thoughts.

Monika is sharing information about labels in her Tip on Tuesdays, go check it out!
Here is my experience in labeling my creations!

I have usually made labels on my sewing machine, using the letters and numbers, and a satin stitch butterfly (....as in butterfly quilting... ) I always thought that this added a real personal touch. Also it is amazing to look back and see the date on something that you made...time goes by so fast!

Recently I ordered some labels from Spoonflower. They were easy to design and I only had to order a small amount to try them out. This was a fat quarter, and very reasonable price.

The background is a bit brighter yellow than I had thought, so I might try to order another batch in a creamier color. I left enough space that I can write on them with a marker to add the date and a name if I want to.
I hope to just cut one out and press under the edges and stitch it on the back.

I just learned that I have been putting my labels on the wrong corner!! I always attach them to the lower Right hand corner on the back, and I now know that the more correct place is the lower Left hand corner. Who knew??    (Monika did..:)....)  Also a great idea to sew them into the binding!


  1. Flo - I don't think there is a designated corner. I show quilts - unless they show wants them a certain way, I put them in any corner - attached in seam. Sometimes square, sometimes rectangles, or tri shape. Sometimes even within the pieceing of the back. Or a special applique on the back. If you are afraid of a label being removed - you can also sign your name on a seam allowance hidden with the binding. Sometimes I don't label, but I always sign my quilt - embroidered, quilt stitching, or with fine tip pigma pen.

  2. You know... it's not 'wrong' to stitch it where ever. But any time I exhibit, we're told where to put it.


    that sounds nasty hey? hehe

    You rock Flo! Those labels are terrific!

  3. How neat!!! I'm really going to have to try spoonflower one of these days! What a great idea to make labels through them! Love it! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love the labels your ordered...I agree it makes an item more special. I love the idea of adding the date.


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