Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Near Finish :)

The "Apple Tree" quilt came together very quickly, and I love how it turned out. This is my favourite block...I just love the little bird in the bottom red strip. It wasn't fussy cut...just lucky cut : )

And I have a huge counter in the kitchen that makes the layering and basting quite easy....

I did some stitching in the ditch around the blocks first, and then sewed all around the outside edge (thanks for the tips everyone!!) Then I started the free motion quilting. I know the suggestion is to start off small, but on the other hand, why not just  jump right in with a 60" x 72" quilt. I thought that by the time I finished this, I would have worked through my issues !!

The gloves worked GREAT!! I love using them for the free motion.  And I LOVE doing the free motion. Although there are still a lot of mistakes....sometimes the gloves grip too well and I have little jigs and jogs where I didn't mean to.... overall it went very well. I still overlapped sometimes, but really, really, enjoyed doing this!  Cant wait to try some more!

But it took a long time...that is a lot of sewing!  And thread....Holy Cow !!! I lost track of the number of bobbins I used up...and had to keep refilling.  I thought if I had filled 3 or 4 ahead of time I would be ok....wrong! And then I ran out of the thread I was using in the bobbin, and had to switch to another color. (the quilt store is a good half hour drive away, and I didn't have time to go) But anyway, I got the quilting done.

Unfortunately I did not have time to get the binding finished. I just ran out of time. And we flew home yesterday, so the binding will have to wait till I get back there again. Now it is back to the real world...and back to probably a lot less quilting will be in my immediate future!
The weather here is milder here than it has been, and the melting has left me with an interesting look on my deck !!


  1. Flo! Welcome home. GORGEOUS work! wow have you been busy! Use the gloves for ditch quilting too. You'll love the extra control helps there as well.

    : ) ps- quick, head over to read my blog.. there's a big estate sale in town.
    : )

  2. Wow - you have really whipped up a quilt quickly - and taken to the free motion quilting like duck to water. Well done! I'm very impressed - and I just love the fabrics and colors. This is a beautiful quilt.

  3. I love, love your quilt. It is beautiful. Just remember Happiness is Homemade.


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