Thursday, March 10, 2011

6 hours later!

Well the good news it did not take me 6 hours to hand stitch the binding down on the Yellow Brick Road! But it did take a long time! Looks great though!
One thing I am not really happy with is my choice of thread. The thread on the back blends in completely and you cant even see the FMQ at  all. (which in some places isn't a bad thing)

On the front though I really didn't know what color to use. I didn't want to use blue because I thought that it would be too dark on all the yellow. But then I thought that yellow would be too bright on all the darker blues!
I finally choose an oatmeal color, which blends into the yellows and lighter blues, but stands out quite a bit on the darker colors.

I am not sure what the right answer is. I am sure that it boils down to a personal preference, and maybe I just need to learn what my preferences are. Maybe once I am more confident with my FMQ I will want the stitching to stand out more!  But it is finished and I am happy with the end result. ..and I learned a lot from quilting this one too.

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  1. That's where personal tastes come in. I think it works great. When you have a lot of colors it is hard to pick a thread for an all over pattern. A great finish.


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