Saturday, March 26, 2011

Salvage job

My mother,who  passed away last year at 95 years old, had made quilts for my children when they were young. They are not made of very good material, I think most are scraps from some of our old clothing- I see one of my sun-dresses in there!! Anyway, my daughter was telling me that her quilt was torn in places, so I offered to try to repair it.

Mostly it was one of the sailboats that was tattered, and a bit of wear on the binding. The whole thing is hand quilted by my mom, so I really didn't want to start taking the quilt apart to repair it.

I decided to try just adding an appliqué over top of the existing material. So I drew a template on paper and used that to cut the pieces. I added a generous 1/4 inch to turn under.

Then pinned them in place and carefully hand stitched them over the torn parts...

I still have to try to find some fabric to patch the border where it is torn, but I think it worked out pretty well!!


  1. This is the best way to repair - less stress and damage to existing fabrics and threads. And all that love is still there, tucked beneath.

  2. Very good job repairing the treasured quilt! And isn't it nice that your daughter cherishes it too!


  3. Well done Flo, what a treasured quilt

  4. I must agree with Sharon, LaDonna, Diana and Cherry Red Quilter. All the love is still there. Most importantly, your daughter is using and loving the quilt.


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