Monday, March 28, 2011

Functional creation

Well, a little outside the usual realm of quilting, but right up my alley of sewing functional things....

My daughter and son-in-law have a vacuum cleaner with a lot of little bits of attachments. They asked if there was something I could make to hang them in so that they were not just sitting in a box on the floor.

So I started laying them out and figuring out what I could do with them. A hanging pocket panel would be perfect. I thought about putting grommets in the top but my husband suggested using a coat-hanger, then it could be hung on a nail in a storage room, or hung in a closet. So I went to work.

I had some issues with the large attachment in the bottom pocket because it was kind of top matter how I put it in....and it kept pulling the pocket open and then falling out.  Solution????
I added a piece of cardboard in behind to give it some support...

worked like a charm!!

So every attachment has it's own little pocket, and it is attached to the coat-hanger with velcro, so just in case the hanger breaks, or whatever, it is removable. Done and done!!


  1. Well you clever gal you. I would say that looks like something I need to do - mine are suppose to clip/hang on the blasted vac, put never do - this is more practical and better looking. Thank you.

  2. What would they do without such a clever Mum! Well done!

  3. Well aren't you clever. I see an Etsy shop in your future!


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