Friday, June 3, 2011

Batting scraps

I know most quilters have trouble throwing out any scraps...I even keep scraps of batting !!

But I have found that they work great for making bags...small bags..
I have made a lot of these Buttercup bags....

It is a free pattern from Made by Rae. Really cute, and very easy. I added a zipper closure to mine, though.
I love these because they are great for fat for the outside of the bag, and one for the lining.

I find that those scraps of batting are great for these....I sew it to the lining...and those long skinny bits are great for the handle straps..

It is also a great way to practice some free motion quilting...

and really....doesn't matter if you make mistakes here because it is going to be covered by the pocket on the inside anyway : )  Really !

And now I have found a new favourite bag....

It is another free pattern called the Phoebe Rebeka Lambert over at Artsy Crafty Babe ...which is a very fun blog too!
I love this bag! It is even easier than the Buttercup, so goes together really quickly, and is a bit bigger. (although I think that the Buttercup bag comes in a larger size as well) My daughters, who each have a few of the Buttercup Bags, are already putting in requests!!  Great bag..thanks Rebeka!

..and if you look closely you can see one of those great buttons from Australia  (from Jan-Maree at Cherry Red Quilter) on this bag...perfect !!


  1. I save my batting too, Flo! Good use of your leftovers!


  2. Your batting is so organized, think I will do that this afternoon. Downloaded the Buttercup Bag pattern and added her site to my evergrowing list of blogs. Like your bags they are small, most are too large. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Two great bag patterns by the way. Yes my batt is saved and used for many small projects too.

  4. This is a great idea...and your info-pics are easy to understand...
    If I get long and/or large pieces (I have a long arm)...then, I stitch them...butted together and use in another quilt. =)


  5. Wow! Pretty! You are so lucky that you know how to sew.

    I always save them, and rotary cut the edges clean & straight. Then I butt them up and zig zag stitch. I made enough for an entire quilt!!

    They also come it really handy if you've accidentally had the quilt batting cut a bit too small. You just zig zag an extra strip on.

    : )

  6. Cool bags Flo and VERY nice use of the button!


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