Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wow what a giveaway!

Well, my "operating system" seems to have found its way home! Not sure what that was all about, but needless to say I backed everything up on an external hard drive........  Which I know you are supposed to do regularly, but I seem to only do it when I get a scare that something is going wrong! Oh well, maybe this was just a reminder glitch.

Speaking of finding...I found an amazing giveaway at 1 choice 4 quilting.  You really have to check this one out....it is a whole bag full of goodies. And they have a big fabric sale too.

 I mentioned this blog last week when they were doing a giveaway...and I actually won a jelly roll of "Warm Memories" from Kansas Trouble Quilters by Moda.

I have just the quilt in mind for this little baby...stay tuned.  Meantime, I am going to browse around the sale at 1 choice 4 quilting!! I know that I need to finish other things, but really, once I am finished I will need something to work on, right???

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  1. So glad your computer is working again! It's always such a sinking feeling when you've think you've lost everything on it!



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