Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Lady's Slipper

No, not a glass slipper, a little yellow Lady's is actually part of the orchid family. When I was a little girl I used to see these growing wild in a valley near our farm. So when I saw this in the garden center a few years ago I had to have one.   OK $17 is outrageous to pay for a little 2" bedding plant ...I know! I did it anyway.

I have been pampering this little thing along for 3 years now....well, DH dumped a wheelbarrow full of dirt on top of it last year....but I was very quick to dig it out! And it appreciated the effort, because it survived. I am always amazed that anything can survive over winter went down to minus 51 degrees last winter (with the wind chill...and only briefly !!) but it survived that too.

And now.....

isn't it beautiful? So worth the $17!!
I think Miss Piggy is watching over it now!


  1. How lovely Flo. I think the things that remind us of our youth can be exptra special sometimes!

  2. It is beautiful, Flo! So delicate yet strong to survive all that it has!


  3. Such a beautiful reminder of your childhood. It is a survivor, I think it will do well from now on. Well worth $17.00.

  4. We sometimes deserve that extra - it showed how much you cared for it in not only surviving, but thriving into flower.


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