Friday, June 10, 2011

gathered bag

This week I took a break from finishing up quilt tops ( I know..another break!!) and made a fun bag. It was a pattern from a magazine. (designed by Laundry Basket quilts)

It went together very quickly too. I used heavier upholstery fabric. The local Fabricland has a whole wall of end of the roll sale fabric, and it is very wide, so great for larger projects. This bag is about 18" wide, so a good size.

The only thing I would change if I made this again is the way the lining was finished...
The pattern said to quilt the layers first, then cut it out. But of course I cut out the pieces first and then quilted then together because I didn't read the whole instruction page first !  But anyway, I got to the same place : )
Then after you sew the bag together you use bias binding to finish the seam on the inside. It looks OK, but not  finished as smoothly as I would like (coming from a clothing background I guess) but ok for a tote bag.

There is also a finishing touch of a little gathering on the front. I used a coordinating piece of cording, which of course presented some challenges. First of all it was like trying to push a wet noodle through that little pocket! Secondly, I tried to melt the ends with a match because they were unraveling... not try this at doesn't melt, it lights on fire!!!  So once I stomped out the fire (kidding) I wound the ends with crochet cotton. Hope it holds!


  1. I could just visualize you stomping on the cording - LOL!!! Only nylon cording melts - and now you know. Great looking bag.

  2. Cute bag! So are you going to read through all the directions first for the next project?!


  3. Hi. I just saw this bag at the local quilt shop but the woman couldn't remember which quilting magazine she found the pattern in. Any chance you know which magazine and which issue?


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