Thursday, June 30, 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday

OK, I really do KNOW that it is not Wed, but I missed Work in Progress Wed over at Lee's Freshly Pieced blog, which is always a great place to see what everybody is doing. Great inspiration there!! So I will go with it and just pretend! (I do live in my own little happy world!)

And speaking of Happy....

I won this layer cake awhile back and have been wanting to do something fun with it. So I found something fun...and happy! 

There is a great tutorial by Kati on her blog From the Blue Chair. (it is under the "tutorials" link at the top of her banner)  I love this blog, Katie has so many great ideas! This one is called  Stack & Whack Wonky Blocks. She does a great job explaining the steps in her tutorial, so I am not going to repeat it all here but I started by sorting the colors into batches of 3, and then added a plain white 10x10 square to each batch.

Then you start the cutting....and this is my kind of exact perfectly sized squares or nasty  triangles!!

Then you rearrange the pieces so that you have contrasting boxes. 

Using the layer cake which is 10x10 I cut 3 strips, and this leaves a finished block that is 8x8.

Kati does suggest working with only a few blocks at a time, because if you get them mixed up, it can be a disaster. What she did not say was that you should not eat, drink or chew gum during this process!!! (although at one point I was thinking a glass of wine might help !!!) I ruined one block, and finally had to cut some extra strips...fortunately it was the white fabric, so there was extra.

Here is the first 2 finished blocks. This is going to be so bright and cheery.


  1. I've seen this tutorial and what a fun block - I have no FUN layer cakes, but should look into it - maybe Max & Whiskers? And congratulations on winning the traveling stash box on Deb's site.

  2. This looks like so much fun! So freeing! Thanks for passing the info along!


  3. looks like a fun design and great colours - happy stitching!

  4. Great blocks ... very "Happy"! Speaking of this Happy fabric, I've been looking for it for hours on-line. I want to make the Fab Shop Hop's "Celebration Sampler" (do you do the hop each month?) and want to use this fabric for it. They used 7 different collections by Me & My Sister to make it ... needless to say, they are driving me crazy (lol)!

  5. Thanks for directing me over. I'm adding this to favorites.


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