Saturday, August 18, 2012

Blogger gathering

Last week Monika ..from My Sweet Prairie..arranged for a few of the local bloggers to get together. We had Sheila visiting from Nova it was a special event! Thanks so much Monika!

Monika said that I could borrow her picture, as I forgot my camera! Her son took this picture. And he has inherited his mom's creative gene and is starting to work in leather ! Amazing!

So here we are from left to right: Annette from In Stitches & Seams, Michelle from Periwinkle Quilting & Beyond, Sheila from Sheila's Quilt World, me  from Butterfly Quilting, Monika from My Sweet Prairie, and Brenda who doesn't have a blog, but was part of the gang!

We met at Michelle's quilt shop...and for the first time EVER ...I left with out buying anything...we were too busy talking!! Guess I have to go back this week to fix that!

Annette (far left) is the quilter that we have been voting for in the McCalls challenge. She has progressed to the next round.. and has done a great job with this challenge too. She showed us the fabric that she had to work with, and I thought it would be incredibly difficult to create anything, but she pulled it off with this beautiful piece. 

so here is the link to keep voting! Let's help her to get through to the next level! You can vote everyday!!
 Good luck Annette!


  1. I bet that was nice to get together with other quilters/blogger - had you known many before the get together? I will check out the blogs you listed

  2. How wonderful to have a get together with this group! And talking or not, how could you not buy a thing in a quilt shop!!

  3. Sounds like a fun gathering if you talked a lot and walked away with no purchases =D

  4. it was a great plesure to meet you Flo,I hope we get a chance to visit again.
    in stitches


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