Monday, April 18, 2011

I can sew....really!

After a day of making several very silly mistakes, I thought I would talk about some of the good things I have done, instead of always talking about the crazy mistakes that I make trying to quilt!!

I have been sewing for many years, just new to quilting. This is the dress that I sewed for my youngest daughter when she was one of the bridesmaids for her older sister last summer....

I had such a cute little tulle ruffle around the bottom...

and yes...I usually label these too....

I sewed one of the other dresses too, but don't have any pictures of it. Funny, I take pictures of all the quilts and quilting projects that I make, but have never before taken pictures of any of the clothing.

My baby......


  1. Beautiful dress for a beautiful daughter! You are so talented, Flo!


  2. WOW. oh you are my new hero. I covet the abilities of seamstresses. I can't sew to save my life.


  3. Now there is something to brag about! beautiful dress created for a beautiful daughter. Now I know that 'ruffle' is not easy.

  4. Your dress turned out just beautiful.

  5. I can quilt but I can't seamstress!!!! Beautiful job Flo!

  6. Beautiful dress. Lovely daughter. Good job. I know you are proud.


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