Sunday, April 17, 2011

wearing out ??

I have been having problems with my rotary cutter.  It has been skipping little bits. I have tried to change the blade, a couple of times, but that didn't help. ...and at the cost of blades, I cant keep doing that !!

So I had a chat with Deb, at my local quilting store, and she suggested that I might have "worn out" my rotary cutter!! Have you ever heard of that ??? Not me!! How do you wear out a rotary cutter ?? I guess I must be very aggressive when I am cutting?? Must be all those arm weights that I do every morning....I just don't know my own strength!!

Anyway, I bought a new cutter....

and more problems!  (maybe I can dig some of those blades out of my sharps container and give them another chance !!)
Easy fix....I will try to be a little more gentle with this one!! Who knew??


  1. Gosh, I've never heard of that either! I've been using the same rotary cutter for years and I use a blade sharpener that helps extend the life of the blades. Most of the time my problem is not just the blade, but how I've put it back together. If I don't get the pieces back right, I have problems!


  2. I think we might have to call you slasher from now on - if you are that hard on rotary cutters! That is what one of my quilting buddies used to call her rotary cuter....but I think I have just about re-trained her. Good luck with the new new one and fingers beware!

  3. It may sound funny, but I had the same problem with my rotary cutter recently. It didn't cut through thicker layers, and at times the blade even seemed to stop rotating.

    As a new quilter myself, I also assumed the blade had worn out. Not so. The issue wasn't solved with inserting a new blade. So I bought a new cutter, btw the same as yours. Digging the internet for answers I found out that maybe what I used before was of an inferior brand.


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