Sunday, April 24, 2011

on a roll with the Jelly Roll!

I had a very relaxing day, quilting the Jelly Roll quilt. I put on some good music, took my cup of coffee and went to work!
I find it very helpful to practice drawing my pattern with pencil and paper before I start. It gives me an idea of size, and direction, and sometimes where I need to change direction. I keep this paper nearby as I start sewing too.
I must admit, I did have a moment of panic before I started, worried that I would mess it up, and ruin such a cute quilt top...but once I got going I actually relaxed and really enjoyed it.

 I tried a different free motion pattern this time, it is actually less "busy" than what I have done before, and I thought it looked better on this quilt. It was easier to do too, which is always a bonus!

I had a bit of trouble with the border, though. I just did a stitch in the ditch on both sides of the narrow border, but did FMQ on the wider border. The problem I had was the the top thread almost matched the fabric, so it was hard to see where I had stitched. ....

Even though there are some mistakes, looking at the back where you can see the stitching ,the border stitching turned out OK..

The fabric for the backing is called "Raining Cats". I am not sure what it has to do with cats, looks more like little sunshines to me, but whatever....I think it looks great for this quilt.

So, all finished now except hand stitching the binding and the label.  Yes, I think I will hand stitch this one! It is a gift for my nephew's wedding, so thought I should do it up properly! : )


  1. what a great quilt and you have done a great job with the quilting too!

  2. It looks terrific. I think it is helpful to draw out your patterns on paper first too. Before I learned how to stipple I thought I would have my embroidery software do it for me, so I stippled an entire sheet of paper (by pencil) and scanned it into the computer. That method didn't work, but I think the pencil practice was a huge help.

    I haven't tried anything as complicated as what you've done, but it looks wonderful.

    Happy quilting,
    Susan in Texas

  3. Flo, you have done a wonderful job! Relaxing while you quilt is one of the hardest things to accomplish! Good for you on a beautiful quilt!


  4. WOW


    look at you go! I love the quilting. That is something not enough of the popular quilter bloggers do, and it drives me nuts. ; )



  5. Love the way you share your experience of the whole process. You have taken to FMQing like duck to water - so impressed. You've made a very simple quilt come to life with fabrics and thread.

  6. I have been wanting to do a jelly roll quilt for a long time.
    Love how you did a small border and then a larger one. Framed it so beautifully! Nicely quilted, too. Love it, love it! Forgive me, but when I sew mine, I'm going to frame it like you did yours.


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