Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Laptop has come home!!

Well, where do I start??? It seems like a very long time since I have had my laptop, even though it has only been about 2 weeks! It probably seemed longer because I whined the whole time about not having my laptop. (my apologies to my husband, who patiently listened to me!!) I wish I could say that I got a whole of work done because I didn't spend so much time on my computer....but....not so much!

Anyway, first up ....I have had a very exciting week checking my mailbox!
My first package was from Susan over at Susan's Texas Quilting Adventures
I won a layer cake....."Happy"...

It is so bright and pretty...

I don't have any immediate plans for what I am going to do with it. So far I have enjoyed just looking at it!!

I also received my prize from Barb at Bejeweled quilts.  And along with the cute buttons (which I love)....

she was so kind and sent a very pretty bit of fabric....

Thanks so much for being so generous, both of you!! It is so much fun! And with this winning streak, I have bought a lottery ticket on the $50 million dollars this weekend....just imagine how much fabric that would buy !!! : )

It is good to be back in blogland!!  I think I have some catching up to do....


  1. I am glad you are back. Blogland gets a little boring without you. ; )


  2. So glad you are back, have missed you wonderful shared journey with machine quilting.

  3. I've missed you! Welcome back! Nice winnings!



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