Saturday, May 28, 2011

destroying my 1/4 inch foot...

One thing that I have not been happy about with my new Janome Horizion is the 1/4 foot. I even bought the extra "accufeed" foot, which is like a walking foot.

Both of these have a wing or flange to guide the fabric....

It is hard to see that little black part, but I hated it!  And really..... I never hate anything!!
It is ok if everything is perfectly lined up, but I always seem to have a bit sticking out here and there, and this thing would kind of kick it, and move a bit. 

I hated it....did I mention that?


wait for it ......

I broke it off!!  Yup, just pulled that thing right off of there!

and now I love it !!  I like to see what I am sewing, and this is sooo much better.
I am happy now :)


  1. Makes you wonder if the design engineers really test their products out. Takes a quilter to solve the problem!

  2. rolf

    You did WHAT!!??

    I like it but it was not right, so I bent and crazy-glued mine. I also cut a chunk out of the plastic darning foot so I could see better.


  3. So it's not just me! I haven't removed the black bit but after buying the foot I don't use it because of the black bit. Maybe I should remove it too.

    Maybe I should remove the centre of my darning foot too!

  4. I absolutely love love love my Janome Horizon and hadn't give a thought to changing anything about it! Seems almost sacrilegious. LOL! I will have to go and see if I want to break it off too! thanks


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