Thursday, May 26, 2011

a step behind and a day late!

Well, I have been having giant problems with blogger the past few days!! I think many people have been.  I hope that it is back to normal now....we will see if this actually posts !! *#@#*#*

I know I am late for the "Work in Progress Wednesday" ....not my fault totally....that's my story and I am sticking to it!
I have been working on a few UFO's ..

I decided to add a nice wide border....and after I cut it realized that I hadn't saved any for the binding!! ooops!!
But, I have some great fabric for the is so ooooo soft..

So then did some work on Daydream...

and decided to make it bigger. I had some fabric left over, so made a few more blocks so it would fit on a Queen bed. I will look great as a nice light quilt for summer at the cabin.  I ran a little bit short of the white had to cheat a bit, and piece the last block...

Of course when I made it bigger, I forgot about the backing ......ooops! Not quite enough!

I have seen lots of quilt backs on these blogs where there are extra blocks or bits of the front fabric on the I scraped together all the left over bits, and am hoping that it will stretch the backing far enough!! We will see : )

....and for those of you who enjoy gardening vicariously....the tulips are just finishing...but the bleeding heart is out!


  1. Nice work-------I haven't had time with my sewing machine this week. Did put binding on a
    QoV quilt and got that mailed but that is all.

    Blogger has been a mess. Don't know if you were having trouble leaving comments on other blogs but Marianne at Vintage Gal had a solution and it worked for me. When you sign in UNcheck the box that says Stay sign in. This worked for me.

  2. That's what I had to do - uncheck stay signed in - but in the mean time all my passwords got thrown into an old account that is suppose to be closed! So everthing had to have new passwords re-set into existing accounts - yes - a pain.

    Love all the works in progress! Lots of pretties. I personally like pieced backs - unless they are large quilts and then I buy the WIDE backings and off they go to the long armer.

  3. Loving all your WIPs and looking forward to seeing the end results. i think lots of us are having blogger problems! Ho Hum!

  4. I had those problems with Blogger too!
    I endedup making a new gmail account, then going back to try to log in, when it wouldn't accept my password, I clicked on the button "I forget my password". This led me to another email to verify how I use Goggle accounts and then they sent me an email to the new email account with a link to set a new password.
    I tried my hotmail account and my work email, but it finally recognized a new gmail account.
    Good luck, take care, Leslie


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