Tuesday, May 3, 2011

this is crazy?

I never used to save the scraps when I was sewing clothing, because, really there wasn't enough for anything useful, so never thought about saving them when I started quilting.....until I started reading these blogs !!!
Now I have all these little bits of leftovers, that someday I will play with and make something wonderful...right???

Well I was at my local quilt store the other day, and saw what was left of the fabric I used for the "Kiss the Frog" quilt. I loved this fabric, and actually had quite a bit of the Jelly roll left over, but not enough to make another quilt top. So.....I bought some more of the same stuff!

 I am giving the "Kiss the Frog" quilt away as a wedding gift, so I felt justified , because I really loved the colors!! They didnt have any of the darker grey left, except one fat quarter, but I bought that too!

I know this is crazy, isn't it? When will it stop? I will need to buy more to match the leftovers of the leftovers .HaHa!!


  1. Welcome to the crazy world of quilters, Flo. It is a vicious cycle, but it is cheaper than therapy.

  2. Sounds pretty typical to me. You have some pretty leftovers, so you buy more fabric to use it up, then you have even more leftovers!

    Happy stash building,
    Susan in Texas

  3. More fabric? It's a quilters illness, we can't control ourselves!

  4. Everyone has hit the nail on the head. Welcome to our world. But it get's boring to work with the same material over and over (unless it is a line you just LOVE) and you have to 'marry' some new with it to make it sing.

  5. Oh Flo...that sounds so familiar! Love hte quilt by the way! Happy stitching


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