Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I give up!

Last year I planted a Hydrangea in a back corner of my yard. I love Hydrangea's. It was a hardy version that was supposed to withstand our cold winters. Unfortunately ....it was not designed to withstand the bobcat that ran over it several times while DH was doing some renovations to the garage! : (
Who knew?  They said it was "hardy"  It doesn't look so healthy any more.

So this year I planted a bunch of Dahlia's. I love Dahlia's. I was out there yesterday morning checking on them, and there were lots of little sprouts. Looked like I would have a whole bunch of beautiful dahlia's. ......

or maybe not!

Later I noticed several men in my back yard....which is quite an unusual event!   Not only that ....they were tromping around where my little Dahlia sprouts were...

I guess they had to change the transformer in the back corner, so let themselves in the back gate!!!  They had a crane over the back fence, and took the old one out and lowered the new one in.

 After they, and their steel toed boots, made several trips back and forth to the gate, I am thinking my little Dahlia's will have been truly and effectively tromped. (is that a word??)
Maybe I should stick some plastic flowers in there??? Or a statue???? Maybe Miss Piggy??


  1. Men! I guess a new transformer is a little more important than flowers, but still! And why didn't they let you know what they were doing?! Letting themselves in?! My dogs would have been going crazy!


  2. So funny ... I have a neighbor who keeps the most immaculate lawn I've ever seen. He just loves doing that. The strange part to me is that there are plastic flowers in pots all along the front of the house ... what's up with that?!?!

    One more story ... when I was young and lived alone in an apartments bldg., I had a lot of plants in my living room ... you know, kind of a jungle theme. I was always forgetting to water them, never fed them, and kept my drapes closed most of the time because I was only home in the evenings. They all thrived! Once I got married and lived in a house where there was always plenty of sunlight and they got watered and fed when needed, they all died! I had to switch to plastic to have any type of plant for decoration.

    I enjoyed your post very much.

  3. Did they even let you know that they needed to do some work? Sorry they trampled all of your flowers.


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