Thursday, January 6, 2011

Did I get carried away???

I found this great little project, the cutest little handbag....and best of all it is a free pattern by Rae, on her blog Made by Rae.  She calls it a "Buttercup Bag" It is a perfect size, and easy to make, and quick.

Of course, I always have problems making things just the way they are, so I modified the pattern just a bit !  I added batting to give it a bit more body, and quilted it to the lining:

I also added a zipper instead of the magnetic snap. I am always afraid that things will fall out:

Then, of course, I got a bit carried away .... and made a few more.....OK a lot more!

My daughters seemed quite happy to take a few off my hands though!!

They are such a quick, easy project, and uses fat quarters, so you can really mix and match from your stash -well, from my stash anyway ;-)


  1. Those are gorgeous! hmmm. blog give away perhaps? Quick while there's only a few of us here. : )

    ps - I LOVE your profile pic Flo! It's so fun & free like a butterfly!

  2. mmmm. good idea, except I have given them all away!! Maybe I should get busy and make a couple more!! I have never done a give away before!
    (and of course dont really think that anything I make is good enough yet that somebody would want it!! )


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