Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Well, I thought that I would start small on my quest to finish some of my unfinished work. So I picked a table runner.

I started this as part of a class that I took at Periwinkle Quilting. I forget what it was even called, but they are like Kaleidescopes. I thought this would be a good place to start my free motion practice. I did echoing along the straight line triangles.....

and then meandering around on the Kaleidescope parts, but you cant really see that.  Then I tried feathers along the border....I think they look more like someone walking in snowshoes......maybe I should just call it "Snowshoes" and pretend that is what I meant it to look like!! :) I see all the beautiful pictures on other blogs...guess I just need more practice??

Then for the binding!  I really liked the tutorials by Monika at My Sweet Prairie...there is one in the "Tips for Tuesdays" and then the "Binding 1-2-3".  I don't think I am ready yet to try a bias binding so just wanted to keep it simple.  Then I saw a tutorial by Rita at Red Pepper Quilts,  and she shares my dislike for hand stitching so machine stitches her bindings. She explains this all very clearly.

I started as usual, sewing the raw edge on the front, and pressing it to the back.

Then, pinned through the seam line on the front...... (sorry, the poppy is on my ironing board cover....bad picture)

being careful to catch the binding on the back.
Then, stitching very carefully in the ditch, on the front, sew the binding on.

I did botch (is that a quilting term??) one corner, but hand stitched it down after.

It is a bit uneven in places but I was pretty happy with the end result.  You can see the snowshoes better on the border here!!

I know this is not the proper way to finish a binding but I liked it because:

  • I am lazy
  • It means I don't have to do it by hand (did I mention that I am lazy)
  • It is finished ! and otherwise would sit for another couple of months waiting for me to get the hand stitching done. 
I promise...I will learn to do them properly....baby steps!
But this is finished!! Yeah !


  1. I think your snow shoes look fine - better than I can do anyway! Keep going. They tell me you get better with practice!

  2. I love your table runner. The Kelidoscope pattern just intriques me - how so many different looks come from one fabric. At least you put your FMQ'ing into a piece. I think it is wonderful - it may not be feathers, but I wouldn't call them horse shoes. I love hand bindings - but as you say - it is finished and that's the important thing. It looks terrific on your gorgeous table.

  3. I can't see the snowshoes but I want to! Looks lovely! You licked that machine binding. Sharon Schambler does show quilts (and has won 10,000 a couple times) and does not hand stitch em down. I'm not sure how she gets away with that! But I watched her videos and she uses white school glue with no pins. She presses it all down perfectly, then flips the quilt over and stitches in the binding ditch.
    I can't do that. But you should go see.
    Me - I like handsewing. ; )

    Are you back yet??

  4. I like it! The little snowshoes are cute. I'm learning to sewing machine quilting. Today I practiced making hearts,only they kinda look like strawberries. Won't even tell you how my stars turned out :D


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