Thursday, January 13, 2011

Help from the Quilt Fairy?

Well, I really think that I was "cross-eyed" yesterday.....I must have been spending too much time working on the computer!!  Because.......when I went back and had a look at those strips that I had cut from the "Dream On" fabric, that I thought I had cut wrong....they really were the correct size!! Or maybe the Quilt Fairy came and fixed them up for me because I was so distressed ?????

WOW !!  I am just happy that I had not started trimming them down yet, or I would be doing some creative patchwork now!  They are such pretty bright colors !! I love this fabric!

So I happily cut a few more and did a bit of sewing.

I don't have many blocks done yet, so am not sure how it is going to look in the end.  And, I have to confess......I don't have  a pattern, just a picture in my head so I am just playing with them !! I know that is probably not the way to go, and a "REAL" quilter would have a much better idea of what they were doing !! But I wanted these bright colors set off with a lot of white, so we will just see how it turns out !! Don't you just love an adventure ????


  1. What do you mean a "real" quilter?! You are quilting for real! a true quilter! Working without a pattern would stop some quilters cold! You go, Flo! Love the colors!


  2. LOL yes, you are right! I am really quilting now! Some of my earliest creations might have raised some doubt, however !! I guess it is just beginners insecurity! Thanks for your support :)


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