Friday, January 28, 2011


I found this book in a quilt shop the last time I was here in Phoenix...

I really liked the look of these "strata" quilts, and had never tried this before...

So , I started one! That is my "finish" project for the next week.  I used a fat quarter bundle of Stonehenge by Northcott. I really liked the rich but muted colors.

For once, I did follow the pattern !! You start by cutting strips of various widths, 1 inch to 2.25  inches, then sew them in color order and cut into 6.5 inch blocks.

Then you cut each block on the diagonal....being sure to cut half in each direction.

Then picking one from each pile, match them up and sew the diagonal to create a "corner" block.

Because the strips are a variety of widths, they don't match up ...although in this picture they look like they almost do !

Then start the jigsaw puzzle of putting them together...

(on the floor)

I had a bit of a problem with the blocks that had 4 points meeting in the center. It got very thick with all the fabric and seams.  It helped to trim the seams a bit and then be extra sure that the seams were pressed in opposite directions.  A couple of the centers are not lying completely flat, so I may try pressing it again or maybe restitching that part. I think where it is very thick it may have kicked over just a bit as I was sewing over the thickest part.

All and all, it turned out OK. It is only about 40" x 40" though. I am not sure if I should make some more blocks and make it bigger or just be happy that it fit together HaHa.??
 Also not sure about a border?? The book did not use one, but it might look more finished??


  1. holey moley look at you go! That's gorgeous Flo! Small is fine - could be a wall hanging.
    Lovely lovely!


  2. I've seen this book and very intriguing patterns. I think you did very well. You could try a damp pressing cloth and very hot dry iron and try to press those thick seams down - I even use my dressmaker's mallet and whack em' flat.

  3. Love it! I have a similar group of fabrics from Maywood and was wondering how to use them! Now I know! Thanks!

  4. Beautiful!! I have that book and have done nothing but enjoy the beautiful photos in it.

  5. Yes, I too have the book but have not tackled a project YET!!! My quilt group is beginning to explore strata and strata built blocks. After we complete our first strata project (a design from a Kaffe Fassett book) I will present this book and see if anyone is interested with going further. Your blocks are beautiful!!!


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