Sunday, October 9, 2011

Charlotte, Charlotte!

Well I can't say enough good things about my visit here in Charlotte!
I can't post any pictures today, even though I have taken lots...but I only have my iPad, so can't upload them now.......will post more when I get home. But I am just so excited about this, that I had to share!!!

I already mentioned that I had emailed the quilt guild here to ask about local quilt shops, and Kathy got right back to me and invited me to a workshop they were holding this weekend! How lucky is that?

I was a bit nervous about driving and finding the location ....Charlotte is a big city. But, if you can believe it, the location was about 5 minutes from our hotel, and literally I had to make 2 turns!! How lucky is that?

Oh, and there is more luck...

I signed up for 2 workshops, full days of sewing. The first day was a landscape class, I have pictures of what I made....and some of what it was supposed to look like! Will post them when I get home.

And when I got back to the hotel, my husband and I joined a fellow Canadian he had met at the conference and his wife, Dorothy, for dinner. When I told her about the class that I had take, wouldn't you know it...she is a quilter too! How lucky is that!

So we phoned Kathy, and they were happy to have her join us for the next class I had signed up for. And they found yet another sewing machine for her to use. They had already provided one for me!(thank you Phyliss!!)

So Dorothy and I went off to a fabric store to check it out and get some fabric for her for the class. If you have never heard of Mary Jo's Cloth Store in Gastonia, you need to go there at least once!!OMG! It is HUGE! Like the size of a warehouse....filled with fabric of all kinds! I could spend a whole post just describing that! Anyway we both bought enough to fill up those last corners of our suitcases!

The second class was called Fabric Fantasy and Amazing Manipulations. Such fun! I have pictures you will see later. The instructor, Jennie Rayment,was so entertaining too. You can check out her website, for pictures of what she does.

We leave tomorrow, but I really have to say a big thank to the Charlotte Quilt Guild! They welcomed us, shared all their supplies, and made us feel right at home! I even got a guild pin.....Maybe I am now an honorary member! THANK YOU!


  1. The excitement from your visit fairly comes over in your blog. Sounds like you had a fab time. Can't wait to see your pictures.

  2. I've only been to Charlotte once and it was for work. I wasn't really quilting then but visited a yarn shop. I arrived by cab and at the end of my visit several hours later they actually had someone drive me to my hotel about 5 miles away. It's a great city and clearly full of wonderful people!

  3. Im so glad you had a wonderful time!

    Its great that you were able to get to a quilt class as well as finding another quilter!

    I have been to Mary Jos. I was a bit overwhelmed when I went and didnt buy a whole lot. It is an hour from my house so its not to bad to go back.

    I bet the prices down here are much cheaper that in Canada. I havent had to shop for fabric in canada so I dont know for sure but I know there is A LOT of things that sell cheaper here.

  4. Hi Flo

    Just read your blog and immeduately wrote down the name of the fabric store. We go to Charlottee (Actually north of there) tomorrow but next Monday after putting our daughter and g'daughter on the plane we will have a whole day to spend in the city. Guess where I plan to be?

  5. Isn't that serendipity! Wow.
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    ~Monika in Saskatoon

  6. Soudns liek you have a fabulous time and well deserved. Looking forward to see the photos


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