Friday, May 10, 2013

Leaving on a jet plane

I have found it challenging to keep up a regular schedule of blogging lately (you may have noticed LOL)  Now that my husband has retired our time seems to get filled up and I am not quite sure where the days go!  I have been getting in some sewing time, but need to take more pictures!

Now we are off to Scotland and London, England to visit family.
And I am very excited....we are also taking a side trip to Marrakesh!

Where is Marrakech

I have connected with Annabella from Life's Rich Pattern and will be staying the their Riad (like a small hotel)  It is called Riad Elsagaya, and it looks amazing!! This is a picture from their web page..

(picture from: )

Isn't the blogging world amazing! The travel book has so many interesting pictures...can't wait to see the sights!
Anyway, I will be out of computer contact for awhile..see you later!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

trying triangles

I am getting over my fear of triangles and all those pointy bits!
Really...not as hard as I thought! :)

My colour favourite this week is navy and lime green! So pretty.

 And this is just a preliminary layout on the "design floor". It is my attempt at RANDOM!! Think it needs a few more hours of random tweaking! (I still have some issues with random LOL)