Friday, July 27, 2012

The Wedding was Perfect!

Whew!! What a whirlwind! My son got married last was a perfect day, a perfect ceremony, and a perfect couple :)

The wedding was outdoors at a venue called the Shawnessy Barn in Calgary.

It was a very simple, relaxed and intimate ceremony with just the immediate family.

She was a beautiful bride...and my son looked pretty amazing too..

What a wonderful couple!

There was a dinner following. The burlap table runners and chair ties that I sewed  turned out great..

The tables were beautiful... she scattered candles and mason jars filled with flowers on the tables, each with a lantern centrepiece....

The meal was amazing...blackened tuna, lamb shanks, rice pilaf, roasted squash, asparagus! The cater did a fantastic job.

They made dessert themselves ...cookies (she is American, we are Canadian)
OK....if you don't read morris code...the bottom Right hand cookie spells SOS...haha!!

So I added my hand and tried some of these... (they are almost 2" high)

Let me tell you...working with fondant has a steep learning curve! And those little green icing decoration balls...they bounce!! ...all over the kitchen!!! 
Cute though!! to the lake now to relax and recover !!

Hope everyone is having a great summer! And hopefully I will get back to sewing and blogging soon!!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Morning chuckle

I did get some sewing in was raining. But, I forgot to bring my camera cord, so I can't upload any pictures!! I guess I will save that for another day.

 If you don't follow the Quilting Gallery, (and you should....lots of great stuff over their!) ....but anyway...I thought I would share this from their web site.

Your morning chuckle ( or for some of you , I guess it will be an evening chuckle!!!) 


Anyway..have a great day, or night!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Missing in Action !!

I have been silent for awhile here! Missing in Action    well, maybe inaction!

We are up at the lake for a couple of weeks. We have had lots of the family come to visit, which was fun!

I did bring some sewing along with me in case of rainy weather...but so far it has been pretty great!

So I have been doing some of this..

and a little of this..

A bit of this...

And a lot of this...

So...Happy Canada Day...Happy 4th of July...and enjoy the summer!!  I will check back in a while!!