Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Needle turn notes..

I am working away at my Needle turn appliqué you all know.... by the ongoing posts of my gradual progress.  I am learning and getting better, but thought I would share a few tips that I have learned along the way.

First...I am not an expert! So take anything I say with a that in mind! But I did learn a lot on line from other bloggers.
This is a really great post about Needle Turn Appliqué..over at Cabbage Quilts.

I have to admit, I thought I was "cheating" by finger pressing the pieces first! But Cathy assures me I am still "legal" LOL
Finger pressing the edges makes it so much easier to fold under the edge with the needle.

Next...learning to tie a "quilters knot" made a huge difference. Who knew??  It is larger, and doesn't pull through. There is a great instruction post I won't repeat the directions.

When I started, I would hide the knot in the fold of the appliqué piece..

But I found that sometimes it would pull through, probably because it is usually at the raw edge of the material. So I find that it is better to come through from the underside, going through the background fabric as well as the appliqué piece..

I like to hold the work on my lap, as I usually do this when I am watching TV, but found that I had some trouble keeping it level, and not poking my finger. So I started using the plastic template sheet under to stabilize the work, and find that works great. This is just a plastic loose leaf divider page.
I work from right to left (I am right handed) and take small stitches, trying to just catch the edge. Remember that you don't need to stitch any parts, like the ends of the stems, that will be covered by another appliqué piece...

I am still having some trouble with the points! They seem a bit bulky and difficult to tuck under.
First, cut off the end of the point..

I stitch to the point...

add a stitch at the very end of the point..

Then turn the corner and tuck under the other edge..

It works, but sometimes looks and feels a little thick and bulky..
So...there are a few of my tips. Hope this helps any of you that are trying out needle turn. And you is fun, and relaxing!!

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A WINNER ....and an apology!

I know...I am a couple of days late here. I could make excuses...but really, it doesn't matter....I am just late getting this posted! :) Sorry!

Anyway....the WINNER of the fat quarters from Maui is ..

     Betty Lou has left a new comment on your post "home sweet home":

     Welcome home, hope your winter get-away was as wonderful as your pictures. We lived on the     beach of Oahu, Hawaii for four year in the 70,s. would love a couple weeks back there again to hear the sound of the waves crashing on the beach.

Congratulations Betty Lou! I know this isn't quite the same as hearing the sound of the waves crashing on the beach..but maybe will give you a little reminder of the islands! I have emailed you, so please send me your address. 

Why I am so late here is because I was out in Calgary helping my daughter paint her apartment! 

And her dog , Zoe helped us too !!

We worked hard, and got most of it done in 2 days.  Saved some for another trip LOL!
And I wanted to pass along a great tip I found on Pinterest. I always save the leftover paint to repair chips and scratches as the year goes by, but what a lot of room they take up. So.....great idea here....
fill small jars with some of the dont need much for touch ups...and label it with the room painted and the kind of paint.

Then you can get rid of the big paint cans!! We have a place here that recycles paint, which is great. So all these are stored in a little box in the closet! What a great idea...why didn't I think of that years ago ???

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

appliqué update...again

While I was in Maui, I did not have my sewing machine (yes, I did go through some withdrawal !! hehe) ...but I did have my appliqué project.   You can see some background information on this in previous posts.

I thought that I had done LOTS !!   But when I laid them STILL have a long way to go!

I am not quite sure how big I am going to make this, but probably another "circle" of tulips longer, then the 1/2 circle and a maybe a border?? We will see.

I actually ran out of bits and pieces when away, so had to cut some more.  I had to make more of the bias tubes too. Remember those cool pressing sticks that I used?  The ones that were made of plastic, and I was a bit nervous about them melting???

Well, I had good reason to be nervous!! Yes, they do melt!! I guess I had the iron a bit too hot, and did not slide it out fast enough and fused onto the plastic!!

Fortunately, my DH was able to skim the fabric off with a sharp knife...and very little damage!

Lesson learned!!

oh...and dont forget to enter my Maui giveaway here!!

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

home sweet home

Well..I am home again.  We have gone from this....

to this....

But it is only -20 C (about 4 below F) !!! Help !!

But spring is just around the corner....right???

But thank you for hanging in there, waiting for me to come back to reality! As a special thank you to my followers...I have a little piece of Maui to give away!

If you are a follower, just leave me a comment...telling me where you would like to be right now! (Maui is a great choice btw.... LOL)

Open to ALL follower!
Please be sure that I can contact prize..sorry.
I will pick a random winner on Sunday , Feb 24! good luck!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

quilt shop exploring

We are having a wonderful, relaxing time here on Maui! (and we missed a lot of very cold weather back home in Canada ...bonus!)  And of course no trip is complete without checking out the local quilt stores.  So here is a run down on what Maui has to offer.

We are staying on the West side of the island, on Ka'anapalli beach. The closest quilt shop to us is in Lahaina (the old whaling village...very interesting whaling museum there).
 It is called Quilts N Fabricland.
Fabricland 2

This shop is not easy to find, as it is tucked away on the second floor of  a little mall. It does have one wall filled with Hawaiian print fabric, but really not a lot of other fabric. A lot of the store is filled with ready made quilted items, like pot holders and handbags. Lots of patterns too, if you are looking for traditional Hawaiian quilting patterns. But, unusual for Maui...I found the staff here a bit unfriendly...maybe it was a bad day??

Apparently there used to be a second quilt shop in Lahaina, called the Needlework Shop, but is now closed. 

The next adventure was into Kahului...which is where the airport is in Maui. It is about 45 min away from here. This was a great is called Sew Special and is located in the Queen Kaahumanu Shopping Mall.

It is filled to the brim with everything you might want to find!! And lots of great batiks!!
Sew Special 3
The staff here were very friendly and helpful. I spent a long time wandering around in this shop!

Kahului has another fabric is very large...more like a Fabricland (in Canada) or perhaps a Joannes (in USA). It is right on the main street out of Kahului as you leave the airport...easy to see from the street. I must admit..I didn't actually spend any time here. ...I thought that Sew Special filled my quilt shopping needs!!

And there is one more place...down in Kehei, called the Maui Quilt Shop. I haven't made down to this shop yet! This picture is from their web page. It looks like a nice little shop though, so might have to venture down there and check it out.
Store Photo

Anyway...that is what Maui has to offer for quilt stores...just in case you are ever here and looking!

And just a last shot...this is watching the waves up on the North Shore!