Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Needle turn notes..

I am working away at my Needle turn appliqué you all know.... by the ongoing posts of my gradual progress.  I am learning and getting better, but thought I would share a few tips that I have learned along the way.

First...I am not an expert! So take anything I say with a that in mind! But I did learn a lot on line from other bloggers.
This is a really great post about Needle Turn Appliqué..over at Cabbage Quilts.

I have to admit, I thought I was "cheating" by finger pressing the pieces first! But Cathy assures me I am still "legal" LOL
Finger pressing the edges makes it so much easier to fold under the edge with the needle.

Next...learning to tie a "quilters knot" made a huge difference. Who knew??  It is larger, and doesn't pull through. There is a great instruction post I won't repeat the directions.

When I started, I would hide the knot in the fold of the appliqué piece..

But I found that sometimes it would pull through, probably because it is usually at the raw edge of the material. So I find that it is better to come through from the underside, going through the background fabric as well as the appliqué piece..

I like to hold the work on my lap, as I usually do this when I am watching TV, but found that I had some trouble keeping it level, and not poking my finger. So I started using the plastic template sheet under to stabilize the work, and find that works great. This is just a plastic loose leaf divider page.
I work from right to left (I am right handed) and take small stitches, trying to just catch the edge. Remember that you don't need to stitch any parts, like the ends of the stems, that will be covered by another appliqué piece...

I am still having some trouble with the points! They seem a bit bulky and difficult to tuck under.
First, cut off the end of the point..

I stitch to the point...

add a stitch at the very end of the point..

Then turn the corner and tuck under the other edge..

It works, but sometimes looks and feels a little thick and bulky..
So...there are a few of my tips. Hope this helps any of you that are trying out needle turn. And you is fun, and relaxing!!

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  1. I do it all pretty much the same way you do - I find it relaxing work!

  2. Look beautiful, Flo, thank you for the hints. You have lovely nails.

  3. Love the tutorial like pictures. I think practice is all it takes and standing back from your own work. If you are like me I now have to wear glasses to do hand work so it always looks better when you take off your glasses.... lol
    Hand work is so relaxing as Karen says and it is great to take with you.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Jo coming from WIP the Needle and Thread Network

  4. I think your leaf tip looks great and you have shown us closer up than a human should be to your quilt. If we stood that close to a quilt at a show the quilt police would be after us!

  5. Your stitching looks great Flo! I haven't ever tried it, but since I now can say I have done EPP, maybe needle turn is next!!

  6. I don't know Flo, your point looks pretty good to me! I've done NTA, and that's pretty much how I do it.

  7. Wow! What great tips! This is one of the very few types of quilting that I have yet to try... your post tempts me...

  8. You do great work! Thank you for your tips and links.


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