Wednesday, July 24, 2013

where have I been?

Good question! The short answer is that I just haven't felt like talking to anybody!
I have had a few curve balls in life the past few weeks, besides my daughters apartment being totally destroyed by the flood in Calgary... and have just been kind of unmotivated.
Do you ever feel that way??

I guess that is life :)

Update on my daughter's apartment in Calgary...

that is what is left of the inside !! I guess the good news is that they will hopefully start to rebuild soon. She is still looking for a place to live for the next few months, as most rentals are asking for a 1 year lease! We are very lucky that some good friends have offered to let them stay in their basement for the time being, and it is only temporary...I keep telling her :)

So to try to get myself moving again, I have signed up for Melissa's Star Surround QAL!! Over at Happy Quilting.  I really love her blog, and this looked like fun..even though I am normally not inclined to stars..I really liked the look of this one.  And I have never joined a QAL before, so we will see how this goes. This is her sample:

So....I have pulled out some of my favourite is old, I have been saving it!! It is Moda's "Origins" by Basic Grey.

Here is my "homework" for this week....cutting up all the little squares...

Of course I didn't take a picture of the 4 1/2" squares .....mmmm...the pattern doesn't actually call for those...I guess  I should have cut them to 5 1/2"!! Lucky for me, I had enough left over to cut them the correct size!! LOL

I have to admit, brown is just not my colour, and I probably have rarely used it before. But....I made the mistake of giving my family (DH, Son, and DIL) a vote of several different colour combinations...and they voted brown!! So brown it is!!  We will see how this turns out. My DIL said that if I don't like it I can always give it away!! Good plan. :)

Stay tuned!