Thursday, May 12, 2016

Bumble bee :)

Well, my first venture into Quilt bees has met with a few bumps...or bumbles...So I guess it is a bumble bee.....HaHa.... for me anyway :)

Once I gathered all my scraps, and new bits of fabric, the block came together really quickly....BUT...

can you spot the mistake??

Wow...surely I can make a simple log cabin block correctly, can't I???  Guess not!
Somewhere along the way, I reversed direction, I guess.   She is doing a Bento box type quilt, so will be cutting each block into four pieces, but I decided that I really could not give that to my bee mate, especially when it was my very first ever bee block!  

So I whipped up a second one, using pretty much the same fabric bits..
She wanted wonky...and I tried, I really tried...but really....I don't do wonky very is sort of like random LOL
Much better!

But now...what to do with the "bumble block"???   Well, I couldn't waste it, so ....

I ripped the whole thing apart...

and fixed it! So now I have 2 blocks to give to her.  Bonus!

I thought I would work ahead on the June was triangles...I like triangles.
Of course I misunderstood her directions, and only looked at the example picture that she used for inspiration.  oooops....

It looks good.....but she wanted A STRIP of triangles!   So back to the scrap pile...again...

So I guess this bee mate will get two "blocks" as well!
If I keep making mistakes, everyone will be getting lots of extras LOL