Sunday, October 26, 2014

Blogger's Quilt Festival - Small Quilt

Blogger's Quilt Festival is on now! So much fun!
They have several categories, one of them is "Small Quilts"
I just have to enter this little quilt!  I think it is so cute!

My nephew and his wife are expecting their first child around Christmas, and they are huge Disney fans, so of course I just had to make a Disney theme baby quilt!

I found some great Mickey Mouse print...(actually the big red and black dots are Dr Seuss, I think)

And wanted to highlight the fabric, so made a large square design.

And of course no Mickey Mouse is complete without some black and white polka dots....perfect binding!

I think they will love this one...I do! 

So hop on over to the Blogger's Quilt Festival and see all the other amazing creations!! Lots of categories, lots of inspiration!

Blogger Quilt Festival - Original Design

I always love the Blogger's Quilt is sort of like watching all the movie stars on the red carpet....we see all the best and beautiful. Thank you Amy for doing this for us!!

This year I thought that I would enter my "Shark" in the  original design category .

This was designed and created for my daughter and her boyfriend.  They are big San Jose Sharks fans, and asked if I could use that as the theme.

So it started out like this...

using the logo from the San Jose Sharks as a guide.

I did not want to actually reproduce the logo....I thought having a shark with teeth on the bed might be a little unnerving  LOL!!

I found this a real challenge....very large pieces, no pattern, and little experience in trying to stylize a design!

I spent a lot of time crawling around on the floor adding and moving bits of fabric..

and finally came up with this..

I think I captured the essence of the "shark" , what do you think?
It is actually a duvet cover, so I added a envelope backing and some buttons to they can remove it for washing.
It truly was a learning experience for me, and they love it, so it was a win all the way around!

Check out all the amazing entries ....there are lots of different categories, and you can even vote for your favourite!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Mickey is a finish!

I have finished up the Mickey Mouse quilt for my nephew and his wife, expecting their first at the end of December!   And they are big Mickey Mouse fans, so hope they like this.

This is such a cute print... and the added red/black dots I think are Dr. Seuss  fabrics.

I backed it with white minkee, so it is cuddly soft!!

And I think the polka dot binding is just the perfect finishing touch!  As you can see I machine stitched the binding.  I always think that is going to be more durable to stand up to the repeated washing a baby quilt will get

I have some leftover bits, so am now starting a baby seat canopy cover to use up the scraps.  More on that as I the design stages right now!  :)

Linking up to TGIFF over at Simply Pieced today.  She has a beautiful lattice quilt as a finish!

And  finish it up Friday at Crazy Mom Quilts( check out her amazing scrap it!)

Friday, October 10, 2014

Mickey Mouse is in the house!

My nephew and his wife are HUGE Disney and Mickey Mouse fans....HUGE!  So when they announced that they were expecting their first child, my daughter suggested that I make a Mickey Mouse themed quilt!  Of course!! That would be perfect.

So the hunt for Mickey mouse fabric began.  And I found some! But a lot of it was black....mmmmm.....a black baby quilt???  Couldn't quite bring myself to do that.

But there was a print that was on a white background, so I found some other fabric to coordinate (I think it was actually Dr Zeus fabric!! but it worked) and played up the white and red instead.

This is the finished top...

I think it is pretty cute...although it is very RED!  Oh well, better than black, in my opinion :)

I am using white minky for the backing and hope to find some black polka dot fabric for the binding.
I thought about whether white was a good choice for the backing, but wanted the cuddle factor and really didn't like the intensity of using red or black.  I think the white really softens the colours in this.

this was really fun to make! And I am sure they will be happy to see Mickey Mouse welcoming the new baby ! is not quite finished....but linking it up to TGIFF over at Quilt Matters!!