Monday, September 28, 2015

Hi...Remember me??

wow, time just flies by, and before you know it several months have gone by!  Thank you to those of you who checked in to see if I was OK! .....yes, I am doing well, and actually still getting a lot of quilting done too. biggest event has been this little first grandson! (my husband has a grandaughter, but this is my first!)

He is so sweet, and of course perfect. :)

And I also got to babysit their dog, Ellie, for a couple of days...and she is pretty sweet too!

Apart from the mandatory baby quilt... (no cutsie baby prints allowed!!LOL)

...there was also quite a lot of other sewing in preparation for this arrival.

I made another car seat canopy..they are so handy, and also easy to make!

My sweet DIL found lots of things on Pinterest that she loved, so we got busy and made a lot of them.  The teepee and bear rug are in the nursery.

(Instructions for bear rug here)  I didnt have a pattern for the teepee but used this one as inspirations and used actual tree branches for the poles!

Of course I also made up some cute crib sheets and receiving blankets and a couple of swaddlers, a car seat wrap and a few little bibs.

So I have had a lot of family company staying at my house, and also spending a lot of time just doing this...