Friday, March 1, 2013

Thank You Annette !

I am so lucky!! For so many reasons..

I am lucky to be part of such a supportive, sharing community of quilting bloggers! I have learned so much...really everything ..from other bloggers!

I am lucky to have the time and money and space in my home to spend hours sewing and creating quilts that I share with family and friends.

And I am lucky that I won a give away last week!! And I received this little package of goodies in the mail...

There is a collection of 5" squares, as well as several sewing goodies...and some chocolate!! (how did you know my weakness????)

This is from Annette over at In Stitches & Seams.  You might remember..Annette participated in the McCalls design challenge and made it all the way to the final! Very impressive!  And also very generous!!

So ..thank you very much!


  1. Congrats on your lovely win Flo!

  2. How exciting! I won a few things when I first started blogging and it was such fun. These days I see less and less giveaways and it is sort of was always such a joy to see what little treats people included. Chocolate is always fun!

  3. your very welcome Flo :)
    It's been great getting to know sew many quilter over the last 2 yrs. And to have met you .... bonus
    in stitches


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