Sunday, March 3, 2013

Snow...snow..and more snow!

We are having a record year for snow here!

In the driveway, it is hard to actually shovel it any higher!    Thankfully, I have a strapping young son living here right now, so he is perfect for the job! Hehe!

Yesterday we had to hire someone to go up on the roof to get the snow and ice was causing all sorts of problems that I wont bore you with, but anyway...not it is all on the deck!!

It is going to take a lot of spring sunshine to melt all this! And I am hoping that it doesnt end up leaking into the basement!!


  1. I have heard it is good in high amount of snow areas to clear the roof now and then - it gets too heavy and can cause all sorts of problems - glad you were able to take care of it. So much snow and you back from Hawaii, what a difference!

  2. It doesn't look like Maui! Hugs

  3. You have been in some extreme temperatures recently and that's a lot of snow!

  4. Crazy amounts of snow! The fence tops of my horse paddocks are now at the horses knees! Bring on Spring!

  5. I am also anticipating some issues when the "big melt" happens. I don't remember the last time we had so much snow!

  6. Snow and more snow....bring on spring:) We are having a sunny day but boy it's been very cold.

  7. it's insane! Gardenscape is in 2 weeks. Last year I was worried about my things getting rained on as I ran from the parkinglot to the front door in my skirt & sandals!!!!!!!!!

    We have officially done it - SIX MONTHS of winter. Wanna bet it will be Seven???

    who doesn't really care, as long as it's sunny


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