Thursday, March 7, 2013

this is so easy

When I started quilting a couple of years ago, I tended to make larger quilts...most of them over 60", some up to 100"! I guess I thought if I was going to make something, I wanted to be able to use it on a bed!

And don't get me wrong, I love those quilts! And have given many away to family. But they are a lot of work, and take quite a bit of time, especially the FMQ takes me a long time...I am slow!!.

Last week my daughter told me that one of her good friends, who was a  regular visitor to our home when they were younger, was having a baby...I decided a baby quilt would be required.

I had a collection of yellow and these colours..

and a great tutorial from Sew 4 Home...very easy..

And, WOW !! when it came to basting this....was it ever fast and easy!!  I am used to struggling with large quilts, trying to keep all the layers straight, and smooth. This little quilt is about 40" x 45" very manageable!!  Easy Peasy !!

I wanted to quilt it on the diagonal, so used painters tape to mark the first line...

Then used the extension arm on my sewing machine to keep all the lines equidistant.

I backed it with a soft flannel, and used one of the dark prints for the binding. I LOVE it !!
I am so excited to have made this so quickly and easily, I might have to make a few more baby size quilts!!

Linking up this finish to TGIFF..over at Quilt Matters today!


  1. Very cute - love greys right now and the pairing with the gold is lovely.

  2. Ah. Such a pretty baby quilt. New babies are so wonderful.

  3. Welcome to my world, I seem to live in baby quilt land, haha! But seriously, it's a rewarding feeling to get something done so quickly, no? The quilt is beautiful, I love your fabric choice.

  4. Beautiful. I enjoy baby quilts. for many reasons..

  5. I normally make just large quilts too but more and more the last couple years I have been making more small quilts too they go so quickly and it is rewarding to have fast finishes.

  6. This is lovely. I've just made my first baby quilt too, after lots of bed sized ones - who Knew they were so quick! I've just become your newest follower :)

  7. I LOVE it too! Great colour palette, Flo!

  8. Tis is a great baby quilt and modern looking like the young girls like. Mom and baby will be pleased. Going to check out this pattern, thanks for sharing.

  9. I just happen to have this pattern open on my computer. I've just been waiting to get my dining room/sewing room back so I can get at sewing of any kind but especially baby quilts. We're living in the middle of a construction zone at the moment, which is very wearing.

    Your version looks sweet!


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