Wednesday, February 20, 2013

appliqué update...again

While I was in Maui, I did not have my sewing machine (yes, I did go through some withdrawal !! hehe) ...but I did have my appliqué project.   You can see some background information on this in previous posts.

I thought that I had done LOTS !!   But when I laid them STILL have a long way to go!

I am not quite sure how big I am going to make this, but probably another "circle" of tulips longer, then the 1/2 circle and a maybe a border?? We will see.

I actually ran out of bits and pieces when away, so had to cut some more.  I had to make more of the bias tubes too. Remember those cool pressing sticks that I used?  The ones that were made of plastic, and I was a bit nervous about them melting???

Well, I had good reason to be nervous!! Yes, they do melt!! I guess I had the iron a bit too hot, and did not slide it out fast enough and fused onto the plastic!!

Fortunately, my DH was able to skim the fabric off with a sharp knife...and very little damage!

Lesson learned!!

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  1. Oh, Flo -- your blocks are looking great! Yikes on the melting -- are you still going to use the sticks?

  2. I love your applique. Applique and knitting, that's what I do in Maui or any vacation. Easy to take with you. Plus I love applique.

  3. Some projects just take longer to make, especially when they ae as prett as your tulips.

  4. No doubt, this is my favorite creation of yours. I love this...the colors, the pretty!

  5. A lovely 'take your time' project and you are doing such a wonderful job with this.

  6. I think you've done very well with your applique piece.

  7. Your applique is looking fantastic, Flo!

  8. The blocks are very pretty. It sure does look like a lot of work though. I can see why it must have felt like you had done more.

  9. I love your tulips. You got a lot done!


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