Tuesday, October 23, 2012

fabric fort

I was babysitting our grand daughter on the weekend. She is 3 1/2, and of course as cute and smart as they come !! No bias here LOL

I didn't think I had a lot of scraps, but it looks like quite a pile when she got playing with them!

And she kept saying.."this is beautiful!"  and "I love this one!"  I think I have a little quilter in the making here !

And then grandpa got involved...and they built a fort...

with a river!!

Amazing..kept her busy for hours! 


  1. Kids have such a different and fun eye for color and patterns. You should make a quilt with her. This is how my Broken Crayons quilt came to be - my granson picking out the pieces of colorful scraps from that fun pile on the floor.

  2. Too precious! My nephew built a car with my quilts and I loved his imagination for it. Encourage and enjoy her love it your fabric. She may be a future quilter.

  3. Great pics...what a cutie and what fun she had with all those pretty scraps! TFS

  4. Fun! Better than Barbies any day : ) Arwen used to come into my sewing room regularly to ask for a new tail when she was a puppy (is - jelly roll strip) FUN



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