Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I am not a joiner...but..

Happy Halloween everyone !!

I was  just discussing with some blogging friends that I am not really a "joiner". I have never joined a swap, or a bee, and although I have joined the quilt guild, I tend to keep pretty quiet there.

But....our local quilt shop has a Block of the Month thing going on...Saturday Surprise Sampler. Now I have never joined one of these either, and am usually not fond of the sampler type of quilts, but this one looked interesting. It is all black and white blocks, each with a flash of colour. You can see the first 3 blocks on Michelle's blog.

So...I am in! I am going to try this!!
I tackled the first blocks already..

And this has actually reinforced why I don't join these bee block kinds of things...I suck at this !!


OK, I know it is my own fault...I am terrible at reading the directions carefully before I charge right ahead!!    then rip the whole thing apart again!

(Michelle, I think you should have included a free seam ripper with my package LOL)

Anyway, after re-reading the directions (I think I see a repeating theme here!!)  I got the first block finished..and it is perfect!!

So..I got brave and went for the other 3 as well...
A couple of them were a bit more complicated..

And a really amazing trick for making a whole lot of HST at once...the "grid method"..

In the end, they actually went together very quickly.

Aren't these just the coolest!!  The store will mail out the blocks, if anybody is interested in joining in the fun. Just contact  Michelle at Periwinkle. 

 .....four down...16 more to go!! :)
Wish me luck. ( I am getting better at following directions, though!!)

So that is my WIP this week!!
Linking up to the Needle and Thread Network..

and WIP Wed...


  1. LOL - yes, reading directions does help. They are great blocks and will make a very interesting quilt.

  2. the blocks look great! I am not a joiner either and although I did join a quilt guild - twice - I dropped it twice. I do belong to two other quilt groups that are smaller and work what you want to work on groups - I remain quite there also. I just as not much of a joiner.

  3. Nicely done Flo! See you on Sunday!

  4. I'm terrible at directions. Even after I read and reread them.
    Love your black and white blocks. This will be a very interesting quilt when it is finished. I will enjoy watching your progress on this one.

  5. Your blocks are great Flo....why don't you join us sometime in a hop. It is so much fun. Have you been checking out 'Wicked'?

  6. Your blocks are great and will make a super sampler!

  7. I'm not a joiner either:) Your blocks look great.

  8. Instructions get me every time! Your blocks look very nice, you are a good piecer.

  9. This is a very cool project. I understand the frustration of being impetuous.

  10. Great looking blocks! Sometimes joining pushes me outside my comfort zone, but it's worth it to learn something new.

  11. Nice combo with the B&W and one colour per block. Very sharp!


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