Sunday, October 28, 2012

Note to Self..

Have you ever had one of those moments when you are cutting...when you think...

mmm...this looks a little narrower than usual???

Note to Self...when you think that...STOP cutting right then and there!!

Or like will be going back to the quilt store and admitting that you are an idiot!
(thank you Michelle for being so kind as to give me a little strip to try again!!)


  1. not like THAT has ever happened to anyone else! hee hee! i think i win the prize for mis-measuring, though...i put a quilt sandwich together yesterday and discovered that the top was 15" (15"!) too narrow....i measured and measured and cut most carefully... and then sewed the offcut instead of the proper it fixed though, losing nothing but time! and yes, a person does feel silly...

    1. haha! you win!! Glad you could do a fix, though! :)

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  2. Gosh I know just what you mean! Its like the ruler moves all by itself! On purpose!!

  3. I have made that same mistake more times than I can count, for me it is just a quilter's senior moment.


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