Wednesday, October 10, 2012


mmmm...I haven't been here for awhile have I??
Seems like I have been away al ot, and then I got a bad cold/cough that took all my energy!
We are actually in Alberta right now, so back on the road again!!

But I did get some sewing in between!

I have been quilting the Salt Air quilt.

It has "washable wool" batting which I have never used before. It  has a higher loft, but otherwise seems to quilt up just fine.

I have also basted my "Cabbages and Roses" quilt...

I am still not happy with this one. It looked different in my head  LOL.
I think that the fabric doesn't contrast enough to show the pattern as I had hoped. But will try to get it finished anyway...and move it out of my sewing room !!

I have still been playing with purple "Fractured " Quilt... More details about it HERE.

Still having problems with the points coming together in some of the blocks. But it is just for fun, so I am not too worried about it.

And so time to link up to The Needle and Thread Network..

And Lee's WIP Wed.  over at Freshly Pieced...


  1. Both quilts are lovely Flo... I need to get at my FMQ practices.....

  2. You have made some wonderful progress , I really love the fractured colors , lovely !

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  4. Lovely quilting on the Salt Air, as for the quilt not looking like what is in your head: you'll have to make another one ;-).


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