Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday finish....and will I learn a lesson from this?

I do have a finish this week, so will link up to TGIFF over at What a Hoot .

And also going to join Finish it up Friday at Crazy Mom Quilts!

And I am trying hard to resist calling my Ugly Quilt!!  But I am disappointed with how it turned out.

The problem is that there was not enough contrast between the strips and the background fabric. The fabric is Cabbages and Roses, Northcott Range. I thought it had more colour, but realized that a lot of the strips are quite neutral. And some of them had stripes, which look pretty choppy in these blocks :(

I added a bright border and binding...which helps. I love the little red dots!

The backing is something from my stash..I wasn't really loving it I though it was perfect for this quilt    LOL  !!

The quilting was just a quick and loopy echoing teardrop. I made a a bit larger, so the quilt is quite soft now.

And it is finished...and my daughter mentioned that she didn't think it was guess where this one is going?? Downstairs on her bed. She doesn't actually live here any more  so will only be home now and again for holidays etc.

But what perfect timing...there is a whole lot of lessons about colour value...There are several bloggers involved staring over at  Blue Elephant Stitches.   And yes, I am going to be taking notes!!


  1. Flo, it is not ugly at all! It has a soft romantic look and I like that you did not over quilt too close. I have a hard time not putting on so much thread! Value is the key word in your have a lot of negative space (white in this case) but you managed to achieve some balance with the use of your red border and binding. I do not use just one collection of fabric in a quilt....collection often are heavy on medium or light values and you need a mixture for contrast. I think it is great.

  2. I hate when that happens, when you order something and it's not what you thought, I do like your quilt, it's a LOOK, a muted look, but if that's not what you wanted....

  3. I agree with Debbie's comment. And though we sometimes dislike a color, fabric or pattern - someone else will just fall in love with it.

  4. Usually i like more contrasts, but this is soft and so fine!
    I´ll try to make a soft one too someday.

  5. I like the soft look, it's sort of blended. Very pretty!

  6. I think it has a fantastic shabby chic look to it - such lovely romantic colours for a girl!

  7. But I *love* this one! Definitely not ugly at all. It's such a bummer, though, when a project we put so much work into doesn't come anywhere near our vision for it. I actually like the choppy effect on the blocks with the stripes. :)

  8. I don't think this is ugly at all, Flo! You balance the values across the quilt really well, but I know exactly what you mean when you say it didn't turn out as you envisioned. It is beautiful though!

  9. I think we all have an "ugly quilt." Usually though, it's only ugly to us as the maker. I pawn mine off to uncrafty people, I tell myself they are so amazed by the fact of a quilt that they will never notice it's ugly.
    Here's hoping the next one is the love of your life.


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