Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I had some left over jelly roll strips, and was just playing with them. I wanted to try out the "Summer in the Park" idea from Missouri Star Quilt Co.

If you have never seen the video you should check it out..They have the coolest video's for easy quilt blocks.  I think they have several different ones, but this one was fun and easy!

Basically, for this one,  you sew sets of 3 strips together, lay 2 of these strip sets right sides facing, and sew down both outside edges.
Then you cut them into triangles...see the tutorial video for complete them and sew the pieces together and end up with a block like this...

Fast, easy, and great use of left over jellyroll strips.

This is all I had left over of this fabric..and I am not sure what part of me was thinking that I would like something made out of the leftovers of something else that I really didn't like ???
...but will probably make a nice little quilt for some unsuspecting baby! shhhh...don't tell that it was just some left over scraps that I didn't like to begin with!! LOL

Of course, the original quilt from this fabric, which I wasn't really happy with,  is still sitting, basted...ready to quilt...but not getting done!!
Maybe next week??

That is my playtime this linking up to the Needle & Thread Network.

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  1. Nice block idea from MSQC. Thanks for the link.
    I think your quilts are sweet, nice baby quilts.

  2. It looks great! I have had this block on my list to make for a while.

  3. Hahaha ah that's the trick make it into something to give to someone else =D

  4. Nice little block and pretty colours.

  5. I love your projects...nice colors.

  6. Great use of leftovers. It's going to be nice.

  7. Flo I love what you did with your left overs. Beautiful fabrics.


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