Sunday, October 21, 2012

I won something!

I won something!....well actually I seem to be on a little streak!

I told you last week that I won a couple of fat quarters as the door prize at quilt guild.....Well.... today I got an email that I won a giveaway from Martha over at Bits and Pieces. (She has a great blog...and is going to should have lots of interesting things to report back to us who aren't going to be there!)

So this is what I won:

Turning Twenty Slapplique by Tricia Cribbs.

I have been trying out some appliqué, but this looks like a really fun way to use it! Cant wait to try this out!  Martha is so kind, she is also sending along some fabric to try out one of the projects!! Wow! Isn't that great!!

So I thought if this a winning streak....maybe it would carry over to the lottery????  I now have a ticket for the $50 million lottery draw!! Just think how many fat quarters that would buy!! 



  1. You should have bought that lottery ticket!!

  2. Good for to see excited winners. 50 million fat quarters.....where would you stash them? ;)

  3. Well congratulations Flo!!! Always fun to get mail like that. My winning streak never went over to the lottery; but let me know if yours does...I'll try again....!!!!!

  4. Woo congratulations on the win! =D


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