Friday, February 24, 2012

Tropical beauty

I love Maui! I know....who doesn't , right??
It is almost perfect weather everyday....ok, there is no snow for you snow lovers, but I can live without that!! LOL

I love all the flowers here...

and such pretty colors!
And being a born and bred prairie girl...I am fascinated by the ocean!  Of course I took a thousand pictures of the waves rolling in...the waves splashing on the rocks..and the sun reflecting off the water...and more!

The place we stay has a "Luau" every week. They charge $70 a person...or....what we did was sit out on our balcony on the second floor with a glass of wine and watched the show for free !!
We also spent a couple of days over at Honolulu, and visited Pearl Harbour and the Polynesian Cultural Centre. Lots of interesting things to see and do. But also lots of time just swimming, snorkelling and  reading a book by the pool too !!

And every night they light the torches around the pool, and blow the conch shell before sunset..

And the sunsets are beautiful...

Yup....I could live like this :)


  1. looks beautiful! We are thinking of going to Hawaii at the end of march...still not sure which Island or what to do or if we will go...but that is the

  2. Nope, not jealous - not at all, not even a teeny tiny little bit. But I am developing a love of all things green!!!!!

  3. It is just beautiful. I am such a water baby...I love the ocean. My one regret about not flying is that I haven't been to Hawaii. My husband tells everyone that we will go when they build the bridge!


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