Friday, September 6, 2013

done like diamonds!

Well...I was experimenting with I have posted before.

It was never meant to be a special quilt, mostly just some half price fabric that I thought would be good to try something new.  Well it is finished...mostly because I got frustrated trying to match up the diamond points LOL.

Some were great..

others not so much...

But all in all it was a good learning experience. ...and my DH has claimed it for his! (He said I have never made a quilt for him...guess the ones on our bed don't count! ) is finished...

I love the colours but am not real happy with them all together. For those of you who have read Game of Thrones....this is what I think "motley" would look like :)

the backing is some random fabric from my stash, with a strip of colour from the front..

 But a finish , none the less!! So linking up to TGIFF.. today over at Quokka Quilts!


  1. Nice! and if hubby claimed it you know it's a success. THat is exactly how my quilts line up--sometimes!

  2. I love the diamonds, and think the colours work well together. Nice finish!


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