Monday, October 28, 2013

Arizona bound..

"Winter is coming" the Starks would say (for those Game of Thrones fans!!)
so....time to high-tail it down to the desert ! :)

We have a place in Fountain Hills ...part of Phoenix, and since we both retired in Dec, have more time to spend down there this winter. We will be back and forth a fair bit this year, but will hopefully escape the worst of the cold weather in the Canadian prairies!!

This year we decided to drive down. It was actually a very easy drive, and we took our time, stopping along the way to visit some friends in Boise, Idaho, that we had met when hiking the Inca Trail last year. It was great to see them again, and we had a good visit.  Then drove on through Salt Lake City and then through the Zion National Park, which is north of the Grand Canyon.

The scenery through the park is quite stunning..

We didn't stop to do any hiking on this trip,but it looked like there were be some pretty amazing places to try another time.

Then, we made a little detour into Jerome, Az.  Jerome is an old copper mining town, located up on Mingus Mountain. It was once the largest copper mine in Arizona, then a ghost town, and now an interesting blend of historic buildings, art galleries, studios and restaurants. Worth a visit! Some of you may remember me talking about Dora, the orphan Donkey from our last visit to Jerome. will be happy to hear that she is no longer an orphan!! She was still there, waiting for I brought her home!!  (safely strapped in with her seat belt, of course)

She seems quite content in her new home!  And I love having her here! Isn't she cute !!

The artist is Janie Layers, and she works with hand moulded clay. She has lots of interesting pieces...I could have brought a few friends home  with Dora!! :)

So we are now in Fountain Hills...the weather here is still hot and sunny. ....which does make it more difficult to sit in my sewing room...but will see how motivated I get here!

In the meantime, have been enjoying lots of walking and golfing and sitting on the patio reading !! Tough life...I know!


  1. Enjoy your 'winter' in the sunshine! Yes, we've had snow here already.

  2. Catch some rays for me! And I love Dora too! She's adorable. Our horses are growing their winter coats but thankfully no snow yet. :)


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