Friday, April 25, 2014

Downton Abbey update....and FINISH!!

I had been updating on the progress of the Downton Abbey Mystery QAL, but got interrupted by going home for Christmas...going to Hawaii...going golfing....etc.

Anyway..This QAL was really fun for me, and a real skill builder too.  Lots and lots of little pointy bits!
This was run by Love Bug Studios, and I think that it is available as a pattern now, if anybody is really interested in making one. The fabric I used was the Lady Sybil line...I love these colours.

Anyway, I did catch up and get all the blocks done. Each block has a bit of a story, linking to the "Downton Abbey" TV series. And wow, some people really take this show seriously...and have very strong opinions about characters and plot twists!! Some of the comments were pretty intense!   But me...I just like the colours LOL.

I have shown some of the early blocks before, and here is the finish!! It is about 82" x 82".

I used a neutral print for the actually has script printed on it......with some of the left-overs from the front. I tried to just do some random blocks for the back....but if you look closely, you will see that it is a perfectly symmetrical pattern....still can't do random!!

For the quilting, I wanted to do something quite simple because the quilt top is quite busy, so I tried out a new pattern...I call it "bubbles".

I need to practice this one a lot I made a lot of mistakes, but once it was washed up and nice and crinkly, it looks great!

so...I am linking up to TGIFF...haven't been there in  a long time! Lets go see what everyone else has finished!  This week it is over at A Quilting Readers Garden.

And also going over to Crazy Mom Quilts and Finish it up Friday!


  1. Hi Flo, this looks lovely! I'm impressed that you quilted the top yourself, it def seems to be on the bigger end of the scale. Good to hear that you're enjoying life!

  2. This turned out really well. Interesting design!

  3. Your quilt turned out so lovely! I have to admit that I automatically turn away from fabrics that are based on shows, movies, celebrities...I don't know why exactly. But the fabrics you chose are very pretty. Well done!

  4. I've never seen the show, but I sure like the quilt. The colors are wonderful, and the quilting is beautiful, too!

  5. This is awesome! I'm not a fan of the show, But I'd totally take this quilt. :)

  6. Great job on your quilt, Flo! I love Downton Abbey! So, are you back in Toontown now, or still gadding about! :-)

  7. That is beautiful. Love the pieced back too.

  8. That is so unique and wonderful. It reminds me of a mosaic floor you would find in some vintage building. Thanks for sharing this by linking to TGIFF!

  9. Great finish Flo , lovely quilt !


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