Tuesday, February 10, 2015

a relaxing paradise holiday

We have just returned from a month in Kauai, one of the Hawaiian islands.
And yes, it is paradise!
Kauai is the oldest of the Hawaiian islands, and the one that is farthest out from mainland USA.
It is quite different from Maui or Oahu. It is very rural, and very quiet. A great place for a reaxing vacation.

This was the view from our patio (called a lanai in Hawaii)

From here we could sit and drink our morning coffee and watch the whales jumping and splashing off the shore!
Things are pretty laid back here. This is the bus stop on the main road ...

I couldn't help but think it would look even better with a quilt draped over the back!

There is beautiful scenery, several waterfalls,

and wild chickens (yes, chickens!!) all over the place.

One fun stop was the Coco Palm Hotel site. This is now overgrown and really run down, but it the site where Elvis Presley starred in "Blue Hawaii".

There is a 2 hour tour, and we were in luck.....we had an "Elvis" on the tour with us! He enjoyed poising for pictures, re-enacting "Elvis moments"

We also flew over to Oahu for a couple of days on Waikiki, and spent a day touring Pearl Harbor. It is a very interesting place, very moving, and great museums that thoroughly explain the history and events.

You can also tour a submarine and a battle ship - the Missouri (Mighty Mo) - very cool!

It was a great vacation, but a month is a long time, and it was great to get home too. 


  1. Love the bus stop...and the wild chickens:)

  2. Thanks for posting photos of your wonderful vacation! We lived on Maui for four years and I do miss it so! The Spirit of the Islands gets into a person soul.

  3. I'm a little slow with my blog reading. Love your pics. So pretty. I wish our bus stops had that kind of seating! Welcome home.

  4. We had a great two weeks on Maui in January. Such lovely weather there, even when it is raining!

  5. There is a little hotel and don't ask me where on Kaui that my husband and I love to stay at, it is right across from the beach and has a little mini mall by it. I love this island, actually I love all island.


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