Monday, April 25, 2016

back from the sun

Yes, it has been a long time! And a very busy time, as well.

We have returned from Arizona...quite a temperature change!  But it is great to be home.  And I am getting lots of snuggle time with my grandson...he has grown so much!
I was busy in Arizona, and actually completed four quilts...Wow...that even surprised me.
This one is a remake of a previous quilt.

My niece was visiting from Mexico at Christmas and asked if she could have a quilt, so I let her choose one.  But it was one of my favourites, so when "Strawberry Fields Revisited" came out I knew that I just had to make another one.  The pattern is "Briar Rose" by England Street Quilts

This one is made from all the left over triangles of a previous quilt. You can see the original quilt here. It was a bit of a challenge as not all the scraps were the same size, but it turned out well.  It is great to use up all those scrappy triangles too!

But there was still left over bits of fabric, (yes, I had gathered way to much green for the original quilt , hehe)  so I actually got another quilt by using up every scrap that seemed to work with this.  A good old HST did the job.

And finally, my "Patriotic Quilt" , as my DH calls it...

This was a jelly roll that had been sitting on the shelf for a long time. I started out with different blocks (sorry, no pictures) and I hated I cut them up into pieces and added some more white, and actually like how it turned out.

Since I have been home, I have made a few baby quilts, and some sewing for family requests, but havent started anything....or finished a WIP since I have been back.

I did attend a meeting of the Saskatoon Modern Quilt Guild yesterday.  It was so great to finally get to a meeting.  I met a lot of new friends...even one who said she followed my blog (good to meet you, Barb!)  


  1. Welcome home! It looks like you got a lot of great sewing finished while you were away. Love the greens!

    It has to feel great to spend time with your grandson again.

  2. Welcome home, FLo! Lots of lovelies finished. Oh, chubbie cheeks for lots of kisses - what a cutie.

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